Issue 1 (27)
Volume: 8
Date of publication: 10.04.2024
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The first issue of the journal Polylogos for 2024 presents articles on the history of philosophy and socio-political thought, various theoretical and applied aspects of political science, as well as the results of interdisciplinary research.

DSc Irina Sizemskaya's article is devoted to "legal Marxism" - a current within Russian Marxism in the 90s of the 19th century, which entered the history of Russian philosophical thought under the sign of criticism of Narodnikism from the standpoint of K. Marx's economic materialism and social liberalism's idea of the rule of law. The subject of Alla Bolshakova's article is to verify the philosophical foundations of traditionalism, conservatism, and poverzhennichestvo in the works of Russian writers of the twentieth century and to outline possible vectors for the study of this literary trend in a philosophical context. CSc Nikolai Chizhkov in his article turns to the works of the three most active pre-revolutionary critics of Nikolai Karamzin: literary scholar and ethnographer A.N. Pypin, nationalist N.V. Shelgunov and representative of regionalism S.S. Shashkov and analyzes the ideological foundations of this criticism.

The issue presents the works of young political scientists. Vladimir Toshchev's article analyzes the concept of "information conflict" in the context of modern political science; special attention is paid to the varieties of information conflict and specific examples from real political practice. The article by Alexander Linnik examines the methodological apparatus of world-system analysis, its place in today's socio-political knowledge, assesses its potential to reliably analyze socio-political changes occurring in the digital age. Anna Ushakova's article attempts to identify the stages of transformation of the political regime in the Republic of Belarus from 1994 to 2023 in connection with the dynamics of civil society development in this country during this period.

The special section of the 1st issue presents the texts of speeches of the participants of the round table "The Creative Legacy of Vadim Mezhuev (to the 90th anniversary of his birth)" held on December 19, 2023 at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. During the event, the participants of the round table touched upon various moments of V.M. Mezhuev's life and scientific creativity, as well as his works. In addition, the column published an article, which was composed of texts written by Vadim Mezhuev in different years. In these works the author addresses various philosophical issues, including the problems of freedom, culture, universal civilization, Marxism and history. The article also presents interviews and speeches by V.M. Mezhuev.

CSc Veronika Sharova's article CSc Veronika Sharova's review of social anthropologist Setha Low's book "The Spatial Embodiment of Culture. Ethnography of Space and Place", first published in Russian. The article reveals a number of the main points of the book; it concludes that the issues raised in it and the examples illustrating them go far beyond applied ethnographic research and are embedded in the broader context of contemporary political science, social theory and the interdisciplinary problem field.

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To the 90th anniversary of the birth of Vadim Mezhuev. Special section
History of philosophy and social and political thought
Applied aspects of political and social sciences
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