Issue №2 (16)
Volume: 5
Date of publication: 10.07.2021
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The second issue of the journal "Полилог/Polylogos" for 2021 publishes articles, prepared following the conference "The Problem of the Social Ideal in Russian Philosophical and Political Thought", held on April 21, 2021 at the RAS Institute of Philosophy.
In her article, D.Sc. Maria Fedorova analyzes the genesis of the idea of a socio-political project and a social ideal in the philosophical thought of the New Age in their connection with the idea of progressivism. The subject of the article by D.Sc. Fyodor Gaida is the problem of constructing the ideal in the moderate and radical traditions of Russian liberalism at the end of the 19th century. D.Sc. Irina Sizemskaya considers the social ideal as an a priori concept of philosophical and historical knowledge in the context of a discussion about moral consciousness and universal human ideas about what should be. Ph.D. Igor Chindin addresses the socio-political ideal of the Rose of the World by Daniel Andreev through the prism of Russian religious philosophy. Ph.D. Denis Letnyakov analyzes the ideological heritage of Alexander Herzen in the context of the ideology of civil republicanism. The article by Ph.D. Inga Zheltikova considers the social ideal in the interpretation of Lev Karsavin, developed by the philosopher in the period 1926-1929.
In addition, the issue contains articles on the theory of political knowledge, applied political science, and the history of political philosophy. Vlada Belimova explores the relationship of a new direction of modern philosophical thought, the intercultural philosophy, on the example of the concept of B.-A. Sharfstein. The subject of the article by Polina Igoshina is the evolution of the political culture of the Republic of Cuba in the period from 1990 to 2020. Maria Zvereva analyzes the features and common features of the English and French views of women on the Great French Revolution, referring to the texts of M. Wollstonecraft, O. de Gouge and J. de Stael.