Issue № 1 (11)
Volume: 4
Date of publication: 26.06.2020
640 RUB / 0.0 SU


The first issue of «Полилог/Polylogos» magazine for 2020 presents articles on a wide range of humanitarian topics: political theory, history of philosophy, socio-political philosophy. A special section in this issue is devoted to the scientific heritage of the Russian thinker, one of the largest figures of Russian liberalism Nikolai Turgenev. Authors of articles  A.A. Kara-Murza,  V.S. Parsamov, M.V. Loktionov, S.L. Chizhkov, M.A. Pilyugina, N.S. Chizhkov in their articles refer to the concepts of Turgenev in the field of social philosophy, law, economics, etc.

In addition, the issue published a review of D.E. Letnyakov for the book Stubborn Structures. The Reconceptualizing Post-Communist Regimes, whose editor-compiler, Hungarian political scientist Balint Magyar, is one of the prominent modern theorists - and critics - of the post-communist regimes. The heading also included a review of book novelties by V.L,Sharova.