Issue № 4 (14)
Volume: 4
Date of publication: 31.12.2020
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The 4th issue of the journal "Polylog / Polylogos" for 2020 contains articles by the authors of the journal, specialists in political science, political sociology, philosophy of history and related fields of humanitarian knowledge. A special section contains materials of the conference "Russian youth in the state and society: sociocultural and political and psychological dimensions", prepared by political scientists from Moscow State University and other Russian universities.

In the article by D.Sc. A.A. Kara-Murza the origins of the concept of Asiopa, which has become famous in the domestic culture, as a "negative twin" of the idea of Eurasia, are explored. Article by D.Sc. M.V. Loktionov continues a series of articles on the history of Russian positivism and is devoted to the philosophical work of V.A. Bazarov. The article by D.A. Anikin analyzes the problem of historical responsibility in the public space of modern Russian society. The subject of the article by Ph.D. S.L. Chizhkov are the two approaches to understanding the nature of law in Russian philosophy on the example of the discussion between B.N. Chicherin and S.A. Muromtsev. The article by A.A. Guseva examines the problem of the so-called golden age in the context of the history of medieval Serbia. Ph.D. A.V. Rubtsov examines the ideological transformations of the nineties in Russia. V.A. Boldin and A.B. Strakhov in their article ask the question: what allows us to speak today about "Slavic identity" and how can it be studied? Ph.D. I.F. Shcherbatova analyzes the reaction of the cultural elite to the ban of the magazine "European" (1832) as a result of the discovery in the historiosophical article of I.V. Kireevsky "The Nineteenth Century" of revolutionary appeals. R.S. Platonov examines the influence of ancient philosophy on the moral philosophy of the early modern period on the example of the reception of the ideas of stoicism in G. Grotius's treatise "On the right of War and Peace". The purpose of the research by Ph.D. S.V. Pirozhkova is the reconstruction of the history of a young scientist as a special professional and social status and a specific socio-cultural phenomenon. A.V. Katunin's article is devoted to the study of manipulative strategies in communication.

The heading of reviews contains an article by Ph.D. V.L. Sharova, which is a review of a new book by the authoritative modern sociologist Göran Therborn "Cities of Power: City, Nation, People, Globality".

Issue publications № 4 (14)
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