Issue № 1 (19)
Volume: 6
Date of publication: 30.03.2022
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The first issue of the journal "Polylog/Polylogos" for 2022 contains articles on a wide range of socio-humanitarian topics: theoretical and applied political science, history of philosophy, socio-political philosophy, etc.

A.A. Kara-Murza continues to explore the topic of "Russian Northerness", which is very promising in the context of the philosophy of Russian history. His article discusses the issue of the formation of the historiosophical and cultural concept "Russia as the North", born to a large extent in connection with the philosophical understanding of the life and work of the Russian scientist and poet Mikhail Lomonosov. A.A. Sanzhenakov analyzes the phenomenological motives in Aristotle's dialectic, noting that the endoxic method used by Aristotle in many works is not only work with the opinions of philosophers of the past and some generally accepted provisions, but also the study of phenomenal existence. V.L. Sharova in an interdisciplinary way, at the intersection of political theory, cultural geography and urban philosophy, refers to the phenomenon of the post-socialist city: the subject of her article is the visual experience of everyday life as a factor in the formation of national identity and a special type of commemoration practices for residents of such cities. A.Z. Ananyeva examines the current state of foreign and Russian research on the political theory of Bernard Williams.

In the article by N.N. Emelyanova, V.N. Kapitsyn and A.Yu. Karateev the main activities of the Indian government to counteract COVID-19, are analyzed, and an attempt was made to assess the activity of state structures and their readiness to apply and strengthen mobilization mechanisms is made. The article by S.V. Pirozhkova presents the results of a study of the role of philosophy in the training of scientific personnel in the aspect of the existing and the proper. The subject of the article E.S. Povalyashko are the new forms of political activity of the subnational regions of the European Union, including the unitary countries of the EU. A.A. Makeev in his article analyzes the concept of ideology as a metastrategy of political action in the context of Immanuel Wallerstein's world-system theory. M.V. Komarov, in turn, explores the influence of the early Taoist concept of "tao" on the models of civil behavior in the political culture of modern China. V.E. Toshchev analyzes the PRC approach to information security policy, taking into account the influence of traditional Chinese teachings about war.

Issue publications № 1 (19)
Philosophy of history
History of philosophy and socio-political thought
Theory and methodology of political science
Applied aspects of political science, sociology and cognitive psychology
Методологические проблемы общественных и исторических наук
Interdisciplinary problems of the sciences of politics and society