Issue № 1 (15)
Volume: 5
Date of publication: 31.03.2021
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The 1st issue of the journal "Polylog / Polylogos" for 2021 contains articles on political science, political and social philosophy, philosophy of history. The range of topics addressed by the authors of the journal is very wide - from the risks and prospects of modern technologies in relation to socio-political processes in the world to alternatives to the civilizational development of Russia; from the peculiarities of the perception of populist attitudes in the European countries to Christian motives in Russian poetry at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

In the mode of philosophical dialogue, DSc A.A. Kara-Murza and Ph.D. V.L. Sharova address the essential problem of contemporary scientific and public discussion: the history and prospects of the "civilizational choice" of Russia.

The subject of the article by DSc S.V. Volodenkov and his colleagues - Ph.D. A.S. Voronov, DSc L.S.Leontieva and M.A. Sukhareva - the content and features of the phenomenon of digital sovereignty of a modern state in the context of intense technological transformations.

Ph.D. A.F. Yakovleva analyzes the prospect of forecasting modern scientific and technological trajectories and their social and political consequences.

In his article, D.Sc. V.O. Krotkov examines the political and constitutional dynamics in contemporary Russia, the theoretical, methodological and procedural characteristics of the transformation of relations in this area.

The article by Ph.D. M.I. Sukhanova made an attempt to comprehend the consequences of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on social relations and social practices in Russian society.

M.Agayev in his article addresses the problem of populist ideology in the EU countries. The subject of the article by A.A. Makeev is the main provisions of the concept of a nation in the light of the world-system theory, contained in the works of Immanuel Wallerstein. M.S. Zayats, in his turn, analyzes the influence of Christian philosophy on the work of the poet Innokenty Annensky.

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