Issue № 3 (13)
History, culture, civilization. In memory of Vadim Mezhuev
Volume: 4
Date of publication: 10.12.2020
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The third issue of the journal "Polylog / Polylogos" for 2020 is a special issue dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Soviet and Russian philosopher, cultural theorist Vadim Mikhailovich Mezhuev (1933-2019). A special section of this issue consists of works in which the scientific heritage of V.M. Mezhuev is comprehended. His colleagues, friends and students turn to the concepts of philosophy of history and philosophy of culture, criticism of Marxism and reflections on the phenomenon of civilization, proposed and substantiated by Mezhuev.

D.Sc. Alexey Kara-Murza in his article considers the phenomenon of "continuity through a catastrophe", presented as a fundamental feature of the "Russian way". C.Sc. Elena Petrovskaya refers to Mezhuev's reasoning about cosmopolitanism, based on the idea of individual freedom. Article by C.Sc. Irina Scherbatova is devoted to the philosophy of history, the special purpose of this area of philosophical science in the interpretation of Mezhuev. C.Sc. Oleg Aronson analyzes how the concepts of freedom and personality, which underlie our understanding of culture, are transformed into values. C.Sc. Veronika Sharova considers the phenomenon of memory as a political problem of our time through the prism of criticism of classical Marxism, which is a significant part of the philosophical legacy of Mezhuev.

The issue also contains articles on political and social philosophy, philosophy of history, and the theory of knowledge. D.Sc. Michail Loktionov refers to the works of Alexey Remizov and the philosophical and literary interpretation of the image of St. Nicholas in the works of the writer. Maria Proporokova turns to a new promising subject: studies of the concept of nature in radical and cultural ecofeminism. D.Sc. Georgy Levin analyzes the ideas of realist philosophers and Immanuil Kant about analysis and synthesis and the epistemological problems of discrepancies in their understanding. Graduate student of GAUGN Evgeny Lozhkin in his article compares the concepts of freedom and God, presented in the works of writers-philosophers, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Vladimir Korolenko. Ilya Shcherbakov  analyzes the views of the Russian philosopher and political scientist Vadim Tsymbursky on the historical relationship between Russia and Europe.