Issue № 2 (12)
Volume: 4
Date of publication: 09.10.2020
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The 2nd issue of the journal "Polylog / Polylogos" for 2020 contains articles on political science, political and social philosophy, philosophy of history. The authors of the journal turned to plots covering different eras, directions of thought and problems of humanitarian and interdisciplinary areas of knowledge. A special section is devoted to young authors - master's students of the State Academic University of the Humanities.

DcS Maria Fedorova in her article analyzes the concept of modernity as an actual state of society in modern philosophy. CSc Vadim Podolsky examines the historical and political aspects of social policy in the United States. Article of  CSc Svetlana Ilyinskaya is an overview of the transformation of ideas about civilizational identity in the context of the analysis of the self-identification of Russian society. DcS M.D. Rachmaninova in her article refers to the epistemological aspects of such a relatively poorly studied phenomenon as the Makhnovshchina during the Civil War in Russia. CSc Sergei Chizhkov examines the concept of the relationship between personality and society, set forth by Vladimir Solovyov in "Critique of Abstract Principles" (1880) and "Justification of Good" (1897).

The section of book reviews provides an overview of the novelties of the publishing houses of humanitarian literature, compiled by CSc Veronika Sharova.

Issue publications № 2 (12)
Social and political philosophy
Applied Aspects of Political Science, Sociology and Cognitive Psychology
Interdisciplinary Problems of Political and Social Sciences
History of philosophy