Issue 2 (24)
Volume: 7
Date of publication: 30.06.2023
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The second issue of the journal "Полилог/Polylogos" for 2023 presents articles on various theoretical and applied aspects of political science, political psychology, the history of philosophy and socio-political thought.

The issue opens with an article by Irina Myurberg, DSc, on ideology as a “transformed form of the other”: it explores the reasons for maintaining in European culture (both Eastern and Western) the attitude towards political ideology as “false consciousness”, analyzes approaches to understanding the value-symbolic nature of ideology. The subject of the article by Mikhail Loktionov, DSc, is Proletcult; the history and place of this phenomenon in the Soviet culture of the 20th century are considered in the context of the ideas of Alexander Bogdanov. The article by Egor Smirnov examines the problem of aestheticization of legal reality in the early philosophy of Konstantin Leontiev; in particular, a fundamental difference is pointed out between the aesthetic-religious axiology of the philosopher and the abstract axiology of Russian conservatism, including in the field of law.

The article by Artem Karateev, CandSc, and Georgy Kizyakovsky discusses the possibilities of using agent-based modeling and, in particular, Robert Axelrod's modified "cultural diffusion" model to study the processes of identity formation and transformation. The article by Ilya Rodin, CandSc, and Viktor Rastvorov analyzes the features of the leaflet as a historical and political source based on French documents of the 1960s. Daniil Okhotnikov in his article traces the main stages in the evolution of the discourse of the Italian right-wing radical party “Brothers of Italy”; The author pays special attention to the initial phase of the search for political identity and the formation of a party ideological platform. The subject of Georgy Chergeiko's article is the theoretical and methodological foundations of modern political regimes; in particular, the author analyzed the crisis of the transitological approach, which, as shown in the article, led to a rethinking of the concept of democracy in modern political science.

Daria Chebanova, using the methodological framework of transcendental phenomenology and the method of textual and structural analysis, considers the mechanisms for constructing a new identity of young people, the factors of transposing regional identity when moving to a metropolis. In turn, Nikolay Skipin and Aleksey Morgun turn to the history of the formation of environmental policy and the formation of the "green" political movement in Russia from the 1960s to the 1960s. until today.

The issue also contains a translation of a paragraph from Stefan Wiederker's book “Eurasian Movement. Science and Politics in the Russian Emigration of the Interwar Period and in Post-Soviet Russia”, dedicated to the doctrine of personality in the philosophy of classical Eurasianism. Translation and analytical commentary were made by Ekaterina Shekhovtsova.

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Theory and history of political science
History of philosophy and socio-political thought
Applied aspects of political science, sociology and cognitive psychology
Interdisciplinary problems of the sciences of politics and society