Issue 4 (10)
Volume: 3
Date of publication: 30.12.2019
720 RUB / 0.0 SU


The fourth (the final) issue of the journal "Полилог/Polylogos" for 2019 articles on political and social philosophy, philosophy of history, political theory, are published. The authors turned to plots covering different eras, directions of thought and problems of humanitarian knowledge.

In particular, the socio-political interpretation of the concept of slavery by nature in the philosophy of Aristotle was considered by Roman Platonov in the article of the same name. Anna Guseva refers to the problem of “non-Greekophile” history on the example of the treatise “On Writings” written in the XI century by the author Chernoresets Khrabr. Vladimir Sidorin reflects on the secularization of ethics in the philosophy of Russian "Narodnichestvo". Nikolay Chizhkov analyzes how the influence of the figure of the Enlightenment Johann Mathias Schaden affected the formation of the worldview of the famous Russian historian and philosopher Nikolay Karamzin. Ph.D. Irina Shcherbatova explores the reaction of Pyotr Chaadaev and Pyiotr Vyazemsky on the book of Nikolay Gogol "Selected places from correspondence with friends" from historical and philosophical positions . Ph.D. Andrey Rubtsov in his article addresses some aspects of the correlation of ideology and the inner world of a person, focusing on the concept of “ideological unconscious”. The article by Dr. Sc. Mikhail Loktionov is devoted to the original direction in Russian philosophy of the early XXth century - empiriosymbolism.

Also in the issue is the second part of the translation of Adam Rosen-Carol's essay "Ideology and Utopia: Philosophy in the Neoliberalism" by Dr. Sc. Irina Mürberg. There's also published a review of Ph.D. Veronika Sharova about the book of the outstanding contemporary sociologist Michael Mann "Fascists", a study of European fascist movements in interwar Europe, recently published in Russian.