Issue 1 (7)
Volume: 3
Date of publication: 22.05.2019
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The first issue of «Полилог/Polylogos» journal for 2019 presents articles on a wide range of humanitarian topics: from Socrates' ethics to the use of factor analysis in social sciences, from questions of law and morality in the theories of V. Solovyov and B. Chicherin to political and philosophical meanings of the city on the example of the history and culture of Florence.

Particular attention of the authors is paid to the problem of historical memory and philosophy of history: so, Olga Zhukova, DSc in Philosophy, in her artivle reflects on political alternatives to national history and, in a broad sense, about the discourse on freedom in Russian thought. Daniil Anikin analyzes the problem of the generational dynamics of cultural memory in modern social science.

In addition, the issue contains a review by Denis Letnyakov, CSc in Political Science, on the book of Vyacheslav Morozov “Russia's Post Postonnial Identity. A Subaltern Empire in a Eurocentric World ".